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Merit Life Science and Technology Co., Ltd. owns a core stable R&D team.All the members are engaged in the field of chemical industry for many years with innovative vision and

steady exploitation abilities.

Merit Life unites Chengdu Institute of CAS Organic Chemistry, Changzhou University, Nanjing University of Technology, Yancheng Merit New Materials Co., Ltd., and other research

institutes and enterprises to research and produce innovative drug, focusing on innovative molecules, organic synthesis process and so on.We are committed to developing stable

and competitive processes to meet the market development needs of customers at all stages.

Merit Life always adheres to the "Quality First, Customer First" principle and continuously verifies mature, safe and green production process with its advantaged reaction

types.Also,relying on the production bases,Merit Life tries best to achieve small scale trial production to large-scale production to create value for customers to the greatest extent.




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