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Merit Life Science and Technology Co., Ltd. has its own advantaged reaction types such as blanc chloromethylation,phosgene reaction,halogenated compounds,diazotization and other production process which involve high risk and pollution.We not only have mature, safe and green production technology, but also have supporting production bases to provide customers with a variety of advantages of products and services.

Our R&D and production team insists on continuous innovation,optimization and development, process derivation,expansion of the same series of product lines and so on.At the same time,we also integrate university professors as technical advisers from Tianjin University,Nanjing University of Science and Technology,Hebei University of Technology and other universities for more theoretical support.Moreover,we have quality enterprises as production consultants such as Tianjin Jiuri Chemicals,Nanjing Red Sun Company and so on for better production.The accumulated customers over the years are also the resources for us to expand new business for mutual development and win-win.



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